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What Surf Spots to Surf in Barbados
What Surf Spots to Surf in Barbados

What Surf Spots to Surf in Barbados

As Barbados is a coral island, a coral reef stretches all around Barbados’ coastline, providing for unlimited Surfing conditions all over. No matter whether the swell approaches the island from a northerly or westerly direction or whether its moving in from the East or South, Barbados is guaranteed to have Surf somewhere along it’s shores at almost any given day of the year.

Below is just a few of the surf spots on Barbados that really make this place a Surfing paradise!

Freights bay is located on the South side of the island. You don’t get any crowds here and if the wind is blowing from the north then you’re in for a treat! There are a variety of waves here that will suit everyone from complete beginners all the way up to experienced Surfers. You can have a look at all the spots from the top of the cliff and there is a small walk -way down to the limited beach area so only take the essentials.

Named from the foamy Surf found there, Soup Bowl is the most famous wave on Barbados and is quite a short wave but packs some punch to it.  The wave is created by a shelf as Atlantic swells roll in and hit the underwater vertical wall of reef creating one of the best barrels around. You can access the beach from the top of the hill then head in a southerly direction until you hit the famous boulder in front of the break. Be carful of Sea Urchins when walking out and always use the boulder as your landmark.

Located on the South Coast, Surfers Point pretty much breaks all year round and offers up mellow long lefts perfect for longboarding or for the fish in the quiver. It’s very safe for beginners and is located near Errant accommodation.

South Point is another wave very popular with all surfers on the south coast of the island. It’s easily accessible and has a very mellow vibe in the water. Point has been known to barrel on occasion but don’t count on it as its rare. You will usually get a nice wall to play with though. If you’re not getting the waves here then you can paddle around the corner to Freights Bay.

Maycocks is located on the north west side of Barbados. The wave is a super long right and is similar to JBay when it’s on with ist various hollow sections. Its sheltered by a cliff and the trade wind is offshore. The beach is very small with no buildings or houses surrounding it.  When this place does its thing and theres a north swell hitting it, you wont forget your Surf Trip to Barbados!!